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Orange County, world’s largest producer of purified wastewater

The Orange County Water District is now the world’s largest producer of purified wastewater. The district’s Groundwater Replenishment System, which began in 2008 in partnership with the Orange County Sanitation District, uses the combined processes of microfiltration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light to purify treated wastewater.

Arizona faces water shortages

A new report from the Colorado based conservation group Western Resource Advocates foreshadows significant cutbacks that could potentially end farming in parts of central Arizona…

Public Health Advocates host “Tackling the Health Politics of Water”

Public Health Advocates will host a one-day conference “Tackling the Health Politics of Water” June 14 at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Sacramento. Participants will discuss ways to protect, distribute, promote and ensure access to safe drinking water for everybody in every community in California and beyond.