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California takes action to address its drinking water crisis

The Drinking Water Advocates Coalition representing rural water advocates, urban water districts, education and children’s organizations, and environmental justice, health and equity organizations expressed support for the Legislature’s investment in guaranteeing that all Californians have access to safe, clean, and affordable drinking water and urge the Governor to support.

RCAC joins local nonprofits to participate in Big Day of Giving

Sacramento, Calif., – Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC) will participate in an exciting regional event involving more than 400 local nonprofit organizations, BIG Day of Giving. BIG Day of Giving is an online networking and giving event that provides nonprofit organizations such as RCAC with the opportunity to gain exposure and start relationships with new donors, and for the people in the Sacramento region and beyond to come together to raise as much money as possible for participating organizations within a 24-hour period.