Video Library

Videos listed here are a combination of RCAC produced videos that highlight services and community residents we serve, and non-RCAC produced videos that our network can use as a resource.

  • Water Sampling at the Kotlik Landfill and River

    This video explains the process of water sampling at a landfill and in open waters. To learn more about the . . .

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  • California Water Warriors

    In rural communities across California’s San Joaquin Valley, volunteers are coming together to meet the challenge of delivering water to their communities. In this short video, water leaders from Planada (Merced County), Lanare (Fresno County), and Biola (Fresno County), share their challenges, hopes and achievements in addressing local water challenges, including contamination and water depletion.

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  • Water Leadership Institute Graduation

    November 2016: 29 representatives from various water boards from Kern County all the way up to Merced graduated after six months of Water Leadership Institute training.

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  • Starting Point – Affordable Self Help Housing in Rural America

    A look in to the impact of USDA Rural Development’s Mutual Self-Help Housing program in rural North Carolina. Produced by Life Legacy Films.

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  • Agua4All-Safe Drinking Water Access

    No matter who you are or where you live, you should be able to drink a glass of water in your home or neighborhood and not worry that it will make you sick.

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