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Quality Weve been doing RD for years perfecting our process and we are excited to be breaking ground on the Puff Factory. Jacqueline Alexander principal Puff Factory Puff Factory loan in Oregon RCACs 5.3 million loan to Oregon orchard owner Jacqueline Alexander will bring 41 full-time jobs to the area around Hood River. The loan supports the Puff Factorys construction a facility that will process package and ship freeze-dried fruit products. This will allow the company to enter the 36 billion snack food produc- tion industry which has expanded 3.6 percent during the last five years when many industries were in decline. Starbucks among other companies has already inquired whether the Puff Factory would produce snack products smoothie and tea flavorings. The Puff Factory also gives orchardists in the region the opportunity to command a higher return on their quality fruit products which are currently sold to juice producers at a fraction of the value of freeze dried fruit. Jacqueline Alexander Puff Factory owner in her orchard.