FY 16 BOARD OF DIRECTORS — Joe Herring • ID • President David É. Provost • NY • Vice President Nalani Fujimori Kaina • HI • Secretary Rachel Morse • AK • Treasurer Elizabeth Moore • NV • Member Vickie Oldman-John • NM • Member John Sheehan • CA • Member Gary Severson • CO • Member Martin Miller • WA • Member Frank Bravo • CA • Member Richard Elías • AZ • Member Lyle Meeks • MT • Member Dear Friends, During 2016, RCAC continued prog- ress toward achieving the outcomes set forth in our strategic plan. We are motivated by a desire to see that dis- advantaged rural communities have access to the same opportunities as other parts of society. We collaborate with rural communities to help them achieve their vision for themselves, providing training, technical and financial resources and advocacy to help them succeed. Why rural? We have a profound sense of the cultural differences that co-exist in the rural West, and a deep respect for the common values. Many of us who work at RCAC either grew up or now live in rural areas and take joy in knowing our neighbors, a slower pace of life, and the values and resiliency in rural communities. Small communities provide the food and natural resources that sustain, restore and are the country’s foundation. Ensuring that these communities continue to be places where future generations can have fulfilling lives is integral to our success. In that vein, we’re pleased to look back on our 2016 accomplishments. Housing We worked with 80 housing agencies to produce 400 sin- gle family homes and preserve nearly 150 homes and rental units. Our housing counseling network served 4,163 clients, and in the USDA Section 502 loan packaging intermediary program our partners secured financing for 59 families. Creatingvibrant, healthyandenduring ruralcommunities