By Elizabeth Zach, RCAC staff writer

House under constructionAlthough California lawmakers in 2017 passed several bills to ease housing construction across the state, affordable rental units remain out of reach for many low-income residents.

In a new report by the California Housing Partnership, about two-thirds of the more than two million very low-income renters in the state spend more than half their income on rent. This is particularly striking against the 2017 bills that aimed to streamline housing development and to subsidize housing.

The nonprofit California Housing Partnership report examines how low-income families find affordable housing options, and how once they do find any, they struggle to pay for other things, such as food and child care.

According to the report, California spends nearly $14 on homeowners in the form of real property and mortgage interest tax deductions for every $1 it spends on renters. It also notes simply that not enough homes are being built.

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