By Elizabeth Zach, RCAC staff writer

Impact graphic created by NRHC
Graphic created by NRHC. Click for a larger view.

The partial federal government shutdown is impacting housing agencies responsible for financing affordable housing, clean drinking water and rural economies, according to the National Rural Housing Coalition (NRHC).

Construction delays, rental housing and assistance, financing projects, contractors and vendors, training, rural housing grant disbursements—all of these are on standstill until the government reopens, NRHC says.

“NRHC members have reported about one small but important agency—the Rural Housing Service—and the recent absence of its housing assistance,” Jake Kohn writes for the Coalition. “Families waiting to close their home mortgages are hung out to dry, families building their homes are stymied, and hundreds of thousands of families receiving rental subsidies may soon lose that assistance if the government shutdown goes on for ‘months or years.’”

The rural American West is also feeling the pain. Rural housing advocates in Oregon, California and Washington, according to Kohn, have reported closed USDA offices and the threat of construction halts in light of the federal government impasse.

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