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Policy Update – Self-Help News

By Stan Keasling, RCAC chief executive officer The FY 16 budget picture is definitely not clear. There are significant issues . . .

Policy update – CEO comments

What a great year for Self-Help Housing! I hope you all have had great celebrations during homeownership month. We have enjoyed working with all of you to build the Mutual Self-Help Housing Program’s national image.

Policy update – funding

Well, the Grinch did not steal Christmas this year. In spite of the President throwing down the gauntlet on immigration, the House and Senate moved ahead with a full year Omnibus Appropriations Bill, except for the Department of Homeland Security.

Policy update

During the past year, you’ve received National Rural Housing Coalition (NRHC) Action Alerts and have signed onto a number of online petitions. We really appreciate your support and hope you’ve learned more about the work NRHC does …