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Administration’s budget proposal reduces federal USDA spending by 8 percent

The administration has proposed an election-year budget that calls for cuts to federal spending that supports rural communities. President Trump’s budget proposal, “A Budget for America’s Future,” proposes $240 billion in mandatory savings over 10 years from U.S. Department of Agriculture programs

Rural Colorado struggles to attract teachers

A recent report from CBS This Morning highlighted the teacher shortage affecting rural America. Reporters traveled to Simla, Colorado, where teachers statewide have among the lowest pay of any other state in the nation.

New Mexico seeks to end the practice of diverting federal aid from rural schools

New Mexico state lawmakers are renewing efforts to stop the practice of siphoning away federal funding from rural school districts. Traditionally, districts fund their public schools in large part from property taxes. But in rural districts, property taxes can be very low. Tribal lands, national forest and military bases are exempt from property taxes altogether.

Become a U.S. Census partner in 2020

Community organizations across the country are supporting the 2020 Census as official partners. Census partners help spread the word in local communities about the importance of the census.

Census outreach to native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander populations

The U.S. Census Bureau collaborated with a native Hawaiian-owned marketing agency based in Honolulu, to produce a music video raising awareness for the upcoming census. The video features celebrities from the native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (NHPI) communities and encourages NHPI populations to register for the census.