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Based on “Elizabeth Zach”.

Don Pfau, 2016 RCAC Yoneo Ono Outstanding Rural Volunteer Award recipient

When Don Pfau was nine years old the Ohio and Scioto rivers, which form a crescent at his hometown of Portsmouth, swelled and flooded. Water washed over six-foot high walls and mud destroyed churches and schools. Yet, his most vivid memory of the catastrophe is how everyone immediately pitched in to help reconstruct the town and rebuild lives.

More than half of the Colorado River originates underground

A U.S. Geological Survey shows that a little more than half of the Colorado River, the West’s primary water source, is groundwater before it seeps into the river bed. The preliminary finding may help city water supply managers anticipate future volumes amid rising temperatures and less snowfall.

Experts say there may be more ground water deep below the surface

California’s groundwater, researchers say, is more plentiful than they thought. The water had eluded them because they weren’t searching deep enough, according to an assessment published this month in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.