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Based on “Elizabeth Zach”.

Washington tribes wary of proposed Canada pipeline

A proposed $5.4 billion pipeline expansion that would carry oil from Alberta, Canada to the Vancouver, Washington area, where it will then be shipped across the PipelineStrait of Juan de Fuca to Asian and U.S. markets, could also threaten Tribal lands and resources, according to a lawyer representing the Tribes.

Shelter versus Housing

Although Utah can claim that it has led the nation in housing its chronically homeless residents—it counts now just 200—homeless numbers in the state continue to rise, with an additional 14,000 registering at shelters in 2015.

California’s farmers markets are increasingly bare

California’s farmers markets—some of the most enviable in the nation—are increasingly bare, illustrating the state’s ongoing drought despite recent rains. Many farmers are resting their land and taking time off.