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Lawn removal experiment; was it worth the cost?

California water agencies are working to determine whether the nation’s biggest lawn removal experiment was worth the cost. During the last two years of drought, more than $350 million has been paid to property owners to remove lawns.

Food deserts, the impact on Rural America

Do you know what a food desert is? Simply stated, it means that it is difficult to get to a local grocery store stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables and all the other typical food items you would expect to find.

“Company town” grows out of California’s Salinas Valley

Agriculture companies in California and elsewhere are not obligated to house employees, nor is much state or federal money set aside for farmworker housing. In Salinas Valley, which is the fifth least affordable place to live in the United States, one company may be bucking the trend.

Relief on the way for drought-stricken Okieville

Okieville is such a small area that most folks cannot find the community on a map. Officially named Highland Acres, residents began settling in Okieville during the 1930s … Fast forward to today. Thousands of wells have been drying up throughout the San Joaquin Valley since the drought began five years ago and Okieville, located in Tulare County, is the hardest hit region.