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Agua4All featured on Valley Public Radio

Rural Community Assistance Corporation’s (RCAC) work to install water bottle filling stations and point-of-use filters in Arvin, California, through the Agua4All program was featured on Valley Public Radio today

Coalition requests more funding for safe drinking water

RCAC joined a drinking water advocate coalition to ask California lawmakers for more funding to support small disadvantaged water systems and to provide access to safe drinking water for schools.

During an Assembly Budget Committee No. 3 Resources and Transportation meeting, RCAC CEO Stanley Keasling noted that the drinking water advocates group has proposed a $56 million budget package to advance the human right to water in California.

Keasling receives California Coalition for Rural Housing Lifetime Achievement Award

In 1982, RCAC’s CEO Stan Keasling joined the Board of Directors of the California Coalition for Rural Housing (CCRH). Although CCRH had been around already for six years, Stan’s involvement—which continues today—contributed mightily to bringing sustainable and affordable housing to the state’s thousands of farmworkers and Tribal communities.

Matheny Tract, Tulare will finally merge water systems

In what could bode well for other small water systems in California, the city of Tulare will merge its water system with Pratt Mutual Water Co., which serves the neighboring disadvantaged community of Matheny Tract’s 1,200 residents.

Family Spotlight—Kieran & Bonnie Buhler

We heard about the Self-Help program through a string of incidents that can only be described as divine intervention. The minute we heard about it we knew it was for us and we started the application the next day.