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Rural American West gains jobs, but employment migration continues to urban areas

Across rural Nevada, the workforce in almost every rural county expanded, as it did in Colorado and Utah, during the past year. At the same time, however, the trend of employment migration to urban areas continues nationwide. According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, the country added more than two million jobs in 2017. Among those, rural areas gained 154,000—less than 7 percent—and those jobs were close to metropolitan areas, extending a years-long trend.

Carson City, Nevada says planned housing construction isn’t coming fast enough

Several new housing development projects are either underway or are being planned in Carson City, Nevada. This comes just as the city’s housing needs are at an all-time high. A new study by Nevada Rural Housing Authority (NRHA) estimates that Carson City has a population of 54,997, with 21,692 households. The median housing value is $241,921 and median rent in Carson City is $927/month.

New Mexico oil boom may threaten water

The prospect of shale oil pockets in southeastern New Mexico has made the region an up-and-coming boom area, with barrels of oil suspected to be on par with production in Texas and North Dakota. But experts caution that the risk to water supplies in New Mexico is far greater there than anywhere else.

Federal funds will help with Alaska village relocation

The federal spending bill signed on March 23 included $15 million to help relocate an Alaskan village that is threatened by rising water due to climate change. The Ninglick River is heading toward Newtok homes and structures at a rate of about 70 feet per year.