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Hot California real estate market limits both buyers and sellers

California’s real estate market appears to be boxing both buyers and sellers into their current homes, and is also affecting home construction across the state. The state has reported a sharp decline in home sales, decreased inventory and escalating home prices

Low-priced rental units harder to find across the nation

The number of lower-income tenants looking to secure low-cost rentals has increased by nearly 5 million households in the past 15 years nationwide, but the number of rental units has shrunk by nearly 2.5 million, according to a recently released study.

Two major housing measures before California voters in November

California voters will decide later this year on two significant housing measures that would help the state’s growing homeless population. One of those is a $2 billion bond measure, which hit a snag in 2016 after some lawmakers argued that the money was initially earmarked for mental health services; not housing.