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Based on “Louis Martin”.

Tribal nations reflect on high vaccination rates

A recent “Rural Assembly Roundtable” featured Tribal leaders from Coeur d’Alene, Gila River, Walker River Paiute and the Navajo Nation. Discussions during the roundtable focused on Indigenous peoples’ response to the pandemic, the challenges the health emergency placed on Tribes, and the growing success in Tribal vaccination rates.

The American Rescue Plan 2021 CTC expansion

The recent COVID-19 relief package, officially called the American Rescue Plan, contains a major measure that is poised to have a substantial impact on rural child poverty.

Pharmacy deserts could impact vaccine distribution

A recent analysis by the Rural Policy Research Institute sheds light on “pharmacy deserts” or counties with few or no local pharmacies. In-depth research shows that 111 rural counties, mostly between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains, have no pharmacies.