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Rising agritourism allows small and mid-sized farms to compete

Once an almost negligible revenue stream for the farming industry, agritourism in America is on the rise. Traditionally, wineries dominated agritourism. Now everything from livestock to beet farms are courting suburban and urban families, and revenue is increasing.

2020 Census outreach varies by state

As the 2020 census approaches, states are allocating budgets to make sure that their residents are counted, but some states more so than others. California, the most populous state with nearly 40 million residents, has prepared a $187 million campaign that includes a heavy use of data analytics and nonprofit partners.

2020 democratic candidates address rural hospital closures

As the critical Iowa caucuses approach in February and the primaries in rural states follow, democratic candidates for the 2020 presidential election are proposing solutions to issues that affect smaller communities across the United States.