I recently saw something saying that I could scan an applicant’s check (payment) for RD’s Tri-Merge Credit Report and I don’t have to mail in the check anymore, how does this work?

Sincerely, No More “Check’s in the Mail”

Dear No More “Check’s in the Mail,”

There is a recent Temporary Authorization that says that applicants and packagers now have two ways to provide the TMCR fee to the Agency:

Option 1) Provide a copy of a voided check or savings account deposit slip from an American Bankers Association (ABA) bank. The agency will use the ABA routing number and account number to collect the applicant’s payment through the Automated Clearing Housing System.

Option 2) Mail a check, cashier’s check or money order that is signed, dated, and made payable to USDA Rural Development.

Option 1 is preferred and works well for packagers who submit loan application packages electronically.

One thing the UL does not say, is that some Rural Development offices are requiring that the check be endorsed to USDA Rural Development, filled out for the appropriate amount and signed, to avoid any misunderstanding even though it will be voided.

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