Are we allowed or required to use the USDA logo to help promote the program on marketing materials, out on the jobsite, on job trailers, subdivision signs, etc.?

How Do I Use the RD Logo?

Dear How Do I Use the RD Logo?,

You’re not required to use it and if you want to use it, whether you need approval or not  depends. The Office of External Affairs provided the following answer and are the division that oversees the use of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development (USDA RD) logo. They said you will need approval to use the logo for anything aside from the temporary construction signage (see links below). Some mutual self-help housing projects have coordinated with Rural Development to use the logo for yard signs that promote the opportunity to build a home through USDA and with the grantee. If that’s something you’re interested in, or if you have any other questions, contact your USDA RD program specialist and they can get you in touch with Rural Development’s Office of External Affairs for more assistance.


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