My state has not allowed married individuals to apply for Section 502 loans separately and has required they either both be on the loan or they can’t be approved. With the new changes to HB 3550 it sounds like I can now have just one person of a married couple apply; how do I do this?

Sincerely, Bound Together  

Dear Bound Together,

There are a lot of questions that came up about this in the questions/chat box during the webinars. Rural Development has since released all of the Q&A, which address credit of the non-applying spouse, how to pull credit reports and differences in processing in community property and non-community property states among other issues. Here’s the Q&A in its entirety >>

I have to admit, I somehow missed the Q&A sheet when it came out and only noticed it when a colleague referred to it. If you haven’t perused it, it’s worth the time.

Sincerely, Sher


Dear Sher,

I am looking at the Q&A from the Rural Development webinars and am wondering if this is true?

13. Question: What is the timeframe for determining eligibility?

Answer: The Agency staff has 30 days to review a complete application for eligibility.

Sincerely, Hopeful!

Dear Hopeful,

Yep! It’s back! I even contacted one of the nicest Rural Development national office staff members I know who provided the following right from the handbook:



This could change everything! Sincerely, Sher

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