Little girl filling up her Agua4All water bottle.

Public Health Advocates will host a one-day conference “Tackling the Health Politics of Water” on Wednesday, June 14, from 9:30 am to 3 pm at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Sacramento. Participants will discuss ways to protect, distribute, promote and ensure access to safe drinking water for everybody in every community in California and beyond.

Rural Community Assistance Corporation’s (RCAC) Executive Director Stanley Keasling will be a featured panel speaker at the event.

Conference topics include:

  • Safe Drinking Water: Who Gets it? Who Doesn’t?
  • Strategies to Ensure Safe Drinking Water in Schools & Communities
  • The Practical Impacts of Climate Change on Drinking Water
  • Drink Water Not Sugar: Strengthening the Growing Trend
  • Building a Movement for Water Equity

Other event speakers include:

  • Wade Crowfoot, CEO of the Water Foundation
  • Laurel Firestone, Co-Director of the Community Water Center
  • David Sedlak, Co-Director of the UC Berkeley Water Center and author of Water 4.0
  • Gita Kapahi, California Water Boards

Registration for the event is $50 per person. For information and to register, go here: