By Elizabeth Zach, RCAC staff writer

Glass of waterA lack of regulation, political will and funding have all led to contaminated drinking water for many schools around the country, and researchers note that children are particularly vulnerable to the chemical.

“Unfortunately, it’s a problem that was swept under the rug for many years, even though many experts were well aware there was excess of lead in their tap water,” Erik Olson, a senior director of advocacy at the Natural Resources Defense Council, told The Guardian.

“Lead is a neurotoxin, it drops IQ scores, it’s linked to aberrant behavior and violence,” Howard Kessler, a retired doctor based in Tallahassee, Florida, who is part of Physicians for Social Responsibility, also told the newspaper. “The concern is that while we are not taking much action, children are being damaged on a generational level. We are supposed to provide them with a safe environment, not poison them.”

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