By Elizabeth Zach, RCAC staff writer

Glen Canyon Dam from CO River
Glen Canyon Dam from Colorado River

The Imperial Irrigation District (IID), which serves rural communities in the Coachella Valley, has filed a petition to halt a drought contingency plan for the Colorado River that President Trump signed into law.

As the oldest and largest entity holding rights to the river’s water, the IID is claiming that the plan neglects to take into consideration impacts on the Salton Sea and residents in the vast rural water district.

The district’s general manager, Henry Martinez, told the Desert Sun that the plan could lead to mandatory water cuts for the farming area.

After 19 years of drought, the Colorado River and its reservoirs are overused. Experts say climate change will also continue to reduce the amount of water. The water systems serve 40 million people and five million acres of farm land across seven western states.

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