Water, wastewater & solid waste services

RCAC assists rural communities to build, improve, manage, operate, or finance drinking water and wastewater systems. RCAC helped rural communities access millions of dollars in grants and loans and trained thousands of individuals through customized on-site technical assistance and workshops. Infrastructure development can be an extensive and intricate challenge, with a web of problems and details arising at every turn, including a lack of local experience. Following is a list of some services RCAC provides:

  • Project financial packaging
  • Grant & loan application assistance
  • Asset management strategies
  • Environmental regulatory requirements
  • Capital improvement planning
  • Energy audits for utilities
  • Hiring consultants, engineers & contractors
  • Municipal solid waste management
  • On-site wastewater operations
  • Operation & maintenance manuals
  • Restructuring & consolidation evaluation
  • Setting & reviewing rates
  • Training workshops
    • Energy use
    • Ethics & conflict of interest
    • Fiscal systems & financial management
    • Operator training
    • Water treatment

If there is a service you need that’s not listed here or you would like to speak to an RCAC staff member, please visit our Contact Us page for a staff directory or complete the Request for Assistance.

Solid waste services

Solid waste technical assistance is a core area of RCAC’s expertise offered to communities across the American West. We have staff members who provide solid waste management technical assistance and training.

Solid Waste Services

Services for Tribes

We also serve Native groups, primarily through our Tribal circuit rider program in California and Arizona, and also through programs in New Mexico and Utah.

Tribal Circuit Riders


RCAC’s specialists offer drought preparedness assistance for tribal water systems.

Tribal Drought Preparedness Assistance Brochure


If you would like to talk to an RCAC environmental rural development specialist about these or other services, refer to our staff directory on the contact page or complete our Request for Assistance.