California’s gotten some rain this year, but the drought isn’t over yet. And for more than one million Californians, the state’s water crisis goes much deeper than the drought. Unsafe water impacts communities, schools, families and children in small, disadvantaged, low-income communities that need the tools and resources to address problems like arsenic.

You can help.

On Wednesday, the Assembly budget sub-committee will consider our proposed budget package to advance the human right to water in California. Approval means the proposal moves on to the next step in the process, and these communities are one step closer to safe drinking water access.

Please join our coalition, which includes Rural Community Assistance Corporation, Community Water Center, Pueblo Unido CDC, Leadership Counsel, Self-Help Enterprises, Clean Water Action, California Food Policy Advocates, California Center for Public Health Advocacy and California Association of Mutual Water Companies to show your support for:

·       $20 million (General Fund) to provide permanent, interim and emergency solutions to deliver safe drinking water to small, disadvantaged communities and low-income households.

·       $10 million (General Fund) to provide safe drinking water to more than 400,000 California school children.

·       $25 million (Greenhouse Reduction Fund) to fund water efficiency investments to help reduce energy and water use and promote affordable, sustainable drinking water in small, disadvantaged communities and low-income households.

·       $1 million (General Fund) to fund data collection and tracking to determine where access to safe water and sanitation is lacking, including schools and residents on small systems and private wells.

Thank you to those of you who have already sent in your letters. If you haven’t, please take a moment to visit our take action page to learn more about the budget package. There you will find a fact sheet and a draft support letter template. We would appreciate it if you and/or your organization would download the support letter template, place it on your organization letterhead, complete the highlighted sections and send it back to our partner CWC-

If you have any questions please contact Ari Neumann at or (916) 447-9832.

Please take action now to ensure your letter is submitted before the deadline. Your support could make all the difference to more than one million Californians who have waited long enough for access to safe drinking water.