SF Bay Area, Skyline Blvd lush greeneryBy Mariamne Beuscher, communications intern

Throughout the state, Californians are welcoming lush greenery, surging rivers, and above average snowpack in the Sierras. Gov. Jerry Brown officially declared that the drought in California has ended in all but a few San Joaquin Valley counties. The U.S. Drought Monitor recognizes 8 percent of California as being in drought, down from more than 90 percent just last year.

For more than 900 families living in central California’s San Joaquin Valley, however, the drought continues. Susan Atkins of Self-Help Enterprises reports that she is still receiving calls from residents whose wells are running dry. Families living in the affected communities are dependent on bottled water and tanks for their daily needs.

Although the drought emergency has ended, Brown stresses that conservation efforts must continue. State water officials are now working on a plan to phase out emergency drought rules and enact permanent regulations.

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