watering cropsBy Elizabeth Zach, staff writer

A 2007 law in California requires the state’s irrigation districts to report how much water they deliver to farmers, but a newspaper investigation reveals that most ignored the ruling during the drought.

The Sacramento Bee reports, too, that farm advocacy groups say compliance with the law is low because its regulations and requirements are so numerous and confusing.

California Assembly Bill 1404 aims to keep track of farm water use in the state, where  about 80 percent of the water supports agriculture. Lawmakers hoped the data on usage might help regulators and the public understand how much water is being used and where.

“It’s important for the public to know how the state’s water resources are being used,” Laura West of the Natural Resources Defense Council, told the Bee. “The fact there’s no incentive to turn (the reports) in or no penalty for not turning them in, it seems like it should be fixed.”

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