Construction worker on framed roof.California’s housing crisis took center stage during the first week of the state’s new legislative session. Two Northern California Democrats believe there is a need to incentivize rural and urban planners to approve new housing projects by establishing a replacement tool for redevelopment agencies. State senators Mike McGuire and Jim Beall introduced SB 5 the Affordable Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization Act, which is the first in a series of bills designed to spur development in the state.

Senator Beall said California voters approved the $4 billion affordable housing bond because they wanted action, according to Courthouse News.

“All across our state, from rural cities of the North Coast to the bustling suburbs of greater Los Angeles, every community is facing an affordable housing crisis,” said McGuire, D-Healdsburg, in a statement.

Two more California democrats, Ben Allen and Scott Wiener, are moving forward with plans for a 2020 ballot measure to ask voters to eliminate an article in California’s constitution that requires voter approval before cities can dedicate public funding to housing projects for low-Income residents.

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