By Elizabeth Zach, RCAC staff writer

Click on this US map to read report.
Click on the map to read the report, “Rural Connections: Challenges and Opportunities in America’s Heartland.”

TRIP, a transportation research group, complied the report, “Rural Connections: Challenges and Opportunities in America’s Heartland,” and evaluated the safety and condition of rural roads and bridges, as well as crash rates, connectivity and capacity. The report rates California’s roads particularly poor, and notes that 6 percent of its bridges are structurally deficient.

All of this affects rural economies that rely on the transport of goods along a supply chain from farm to market, as well as tourism.

“This report underlines the pressing need to repair California’s rural roads,” California Farm Bureau Federation President Paul Wenger told the Lake County Record Bee in northern California. “The whole nation depends on rural California for food and farm products, but rural infrastructure needs are often overlooked. We must rebuild, repair and enhance the infrastructure our parents and grandparents built, to ensure strong rural communities for everyone who relies on California-grown food and agricultural products.”

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