high speed internet modem and cablesBy Mariamne Beuscher, communications intern

“High-speed internet isn’t a luxury. In 2017, it’s an absolute necessity.”

That’s what Colorado Sen. Kerry Donovan recently told Vail Daily. Donovan argues that Coloradans in the metro area enjoy access that those on the eastern plains, in the high country, or the southern part of the state don’t.

After three years of pushing funding bills, Donovan was able to get a $9.45 million line item into the state budget this year for the Rural Broadband Support Fund. Although nothing can be written into the budget creating a new law, the creation of a new line item is allowed. Installing broadband in rural areas isn’t cheap. The funding will cover “last mile connections” to businesses and homes in places broadband does not serve. Enabling broadband in rural areas will have positive effects on business, education, public safety and more.

To read more, go here: http://www.vaildaily.com/news/regional/state-sen-kerry-donovan-kicks-up-cash-for-colorado-rural-broadband-support/