water dropBy Riamy Beuscher, communications intern

Nearly 50 years after building the largest water-delivery system in America, California officials struggle to gain support for a proposed infrastructure overhaul. The system that stretches from the Bay Area to San Diego incorporates a vast network of reservoirs and canals.

A major component of the overhaul, or “California Water Fix” is to construct new diversion points allowing water to flow into two underground tunnels beneath the Delta to the Tracy pumps. The tunnels would become part of California’s major water system serving approximately 25 million residents.

Critics of the proposed $17 billion plan claim it will do more harm to the Delta environment, fish and farmers without providing more water or improving quality.

“This will deprive the Delta of fresh water flows and threaten water quality, fish and farming. It’s the wrong way to go, and it won’t produce a single extra drop of water,” said Contra Costa County Supervisor Karen Mitchoff of Concord according to The Mercury News.

Supporters see the plan as a long overdue upgrade to provide more stability to Delta water supplies.

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