landfill food wasteBy Mariamne Beuscher, communications intern

Every year, tons of discarded food makes its way to landfills around the globe. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates roughly one third of food produced annually is wasted – about 1.3 billion tons. In the United States, food waste is the single largest component sent into landfills.

Work is underway on Utah’s first anaerobic digester facility. The digester will break down food and convert methane into pipeline grade natural gas. Food scraps, waste from food manufacturing, and expired foods will be transformed into clean, renewable natural gas at the Wasatch Resource Recovery facility. Once operational in fall 2018, the facility is expected to divert 360 tons of solid waste from landfills daily.

“Everywhere we looked, we found more waste,” Bruce Alder, president of ALPRO Energy and Water told Deseret News. “There is a real need to divert and process these organic wastes that are now being thrown away and put in a landfill, to a better and more sustainable use.”

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