By Elizabeth Zach, RCAC staff writer

California water regulators would likewater sprinkler to make water restrictions enacted during the state’s drought permanent, according to Daily News. Their plans come as the state appears to be back in drought after a slight reprieve last year.

Several irrigation and water agencies say they agree with the restrictions, but they argue that expanding the state’s Water Resources Control Board is giving the agency too much power to influence water rights.

“Erratic individuals can occupy great positions of power in government, and you had better believe they will occupy your chair someday,” Jackson Minasian, an attorney for Stanford Vina Ranch Irrigation Co. “Their view of what is ‘waste and unreasonable use’ will be radically different than yours.”

The restrictions, if violated, would be punishable by a $500 fine. This would include prohibitions on lawn watering, hosing down sidewalks or washing a car without using an automatic hose shut-off nozzle. A final decision is now expected by April 17.

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