By Riamy Beuscher, communications intern

California dought landscapeCould managed aquifer recharge (MAR) offer an affordable solution against drought? Due to continued strain on resources as a result of the ongoing drought, California has been exploring possible solutions to a more resilient water supply. A new Stanford University study suggests groundwater recharge and storage could provide benefits such as improved water quality and flood control.

“We find that MAR is an effective and affordable way to balance local groundwater decisions with regional and statewide management,” said Debra Perrone, a postdoctoral scholar with Stanford’s Water in the West program and co-author of the study published in San Francisco Estuary & Watershed.

The median cost of surface water projects is $2,100 per acre-foot compared to MAR projects estimated to be $410 per acre-foot. MAR poses significant cost savings compared to the cost of water desalination.

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