Affordable Housing complexLike the rest of the country, Carson City, Nevada faces a housing affordability crisis. Rental and homeownership costs are simply out of reach for many.

According to, some area homes stand vacant because residents cannot afford the rent and some landlords require renters to make three times the rent in order to qualify. The cost of living index has also risen.

“In addition, in many markets there has been an increase in the number of lower paying jobs compared to higher income jobs,” a Carson City housing study the Nevada Rural Housing Authority commissioned states. “Nationally, it is estimated that over 58 percent of the jobs created since 2010 are lower paying, service-oriented positions.”

Programs designed to help, such as housing vouchers, are in short supply. Currently there are 1,393 vouchers available to all of rural Nevada, with more than 1,000 people on a waiting list.

Nevada legislators formed a committee to study the affordable housing issue, and one proposal would create a tax credit program to encourage affordable housing preservation and development.

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