By Riamy Beuscher, communications intern

bottled waterSoda’s popularity has declined as consumption of bottled water overtakes carbonated soft drinks. For the first time in the United States bottled water is more popular than soda.

Why are so many Americans switching to bottled water? One answer: rising concern over the safety of drinking water. As consumer concern grows over contaminated drinking water and aging infrastructure bottled water sales have surged. According to Euromonitor, Americans will each drink 27.4 gallons of bottled water this year, 1.2 gallons more than soda.

However, bottled water is much more costly and tougher on the environment. “It’s about 2,000 times more expensive than tap on average,” Peter Gleick, president emeritus and chief scientist at the Pacific Institute told Bloomberg. According to data from the Pacific Institute, it takes triple the amount of water inside to manufacture the bottle. Additionally, the National Association for PET Container Resources estimates only 30 percent of plastic water bottles are recycled.

John Stewart, deputy director of Corporate Accountability International, told Bloomberg that the long-term solution is to fix water infrastructure, calling bottled water a “Band-Aid” solution.

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