As we reported in the Self-Help Builder News on June 9, U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development announced a pilot to use the “banded” method to determine low and very low-income status in 23 states and territories across the country. Arizona, California, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Washington are the six states in the West where this pilot will be tested for the next two years.

To view the new income limits on an interactive map go to the USDA website here, chose the Single Family Housing Direct tab and then click on Income Limits.

Under the banding concept, households with one to four members would be considered very low-income if their income was below the very low-income level for a four person household. Similarly, for households of five to eight persons, they would be considered very low-income as long as their income did not exceed the level for an eight person household. The pilot greatly expands the maximum income eligibility for smaller households in each band.