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OverTime Sports Bar & Grill serves up entertainment in historic setting

Battle Mountain, Nev. – Aside from the retro façade, with slanted posts that buttress the roof overhang at 870 Broad Street, the storefront is mostly unnoticeable. Nearby are gas stations, a bank, a liquor store and coffee shop. Like much else in this high desert plain, it would be easy to drive right by to your next appointment … Read more

Hualapai Tribe puts THE Academy training into practice

Peach Springs, AZ – In August 2016, Jamie Navenma drew on his nearly 25 years of experience working in Tribal homeownership as he surveyed housing on the Hualapai Indian Reservation in northwestern Arizona. What he saw both encouraged and distressed him. Read more

Sew Pieceful in Lewistown, Montana

Lewistown, Montana – In the 30 some years that Tammy Eckhardt worked as a police officer and criminal investigator, it was essential to find solace from the disheartening aspects of her job. She did this by sitting quietly and quilting. And, through the long Montana winters, she was in good company. Read more

The Story of San Miguel

San Miguel, N. M. – Modest one-story clay homes line the single road that cuts across this community near the U.S. – Mexico border. At first blush, it would seem San Miguel, nestled in the Mesilla Valley, has stood still, or stood the test of time. Read more

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