Solar home under construction

Dreams become reality in zero energy affordable homes

Whitehall, Mont. – In the late 1970s, Barbara Miller was a newspaper reporter writing about Missoula and Butte, Montana, and as such, she paid attention to all sorts of trends-from the local and national economy, to housing, to scientific breakthroughs. As it turned out, her reporting and stories eventually intersected when she came across some technological research that would have a significant real-world impact in Butte. Read more >>

RCAC community facilities re-lending loan program

RCAC has $30 million available to make low interest rate/long term loans to nonprofit organizations, public bodies and federally recognized Tribes to provide essential community facilities. This is a Public/Private partnership between RCAC and U.S. Department of Agriculture, Rural Development. Learn more >>

RCAC Loan Fund lends nearly $2 million to rural communities

West Sacramento, Calif. – In the quarter ending Dec. 31, 2016, Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC) closed 40 loans and grants totaling more than $2 million to assist rural communities in California, Nevada, New Mexico and Washington. Read more >>

RCAC is growing

Join our team to make a difference in rural communities

RCAC is a nonprofit organization that supports rural communities as they chart their path to create change. Our environmental team works in diverse and low-income communities to increase access to safe drinking water and to make rural water, wastewater and solid waste systems sustainable. Read more >>

Conference and Workshop Calendar

ONLINE: AB54 & AB240 Board Training for Mutual Water Systems

By law, all mutual water board members are required to have two hours of ethics training every six years, and within six months of taking office. This training is designed to provide for system longevity and helps ensure that board members meet their legal responsibilities. Registration >>

ONLINE: February 9 – 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Private Well and Septic System Operation & Maintenance Workshops

The well owner workshop will educate well owners on proper operation and maintenance of septic systems and drinking water well’s, common septic and well troubleshooting, preventive maintenance and solutions, and protecting our groundwater. The workshop is useful for private well and septic system owners. Attend this workshop to get a free water quality test for nitrate and join RCAC to learn more about your private well and septic system. Registration >>

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April 8

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