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West Sacramento, Calif. — Joni Foster, RCAC Housing and Community Director, has announced that she will step down as director at the organization as of Sept. 1; and she will leave RCAC as of Oct. 1. She will continue as a consultant with RCAC to provide strategic thinking as we grow the initiatives she began during her tenure with the organization.

“Joni has done an outstanding job developing new areas of business for RCAC,” said Stanley Keasling, RCAC Chief Executive Officer.

As of Sept. 1, RCAC will consolidate programs into two departments. Veteran RCAC Loan Fund Director Michael Carroll and Environmental Director George Schlender will head the new departments. Carroll will oversee the combined RCAC Loan Fund and Housing Department and Schlender will oversee the combined RCAC Community and Environmental Services Department. Carroll will be responsible for RCAC’s housing development consulting work, self-help technical assistance program and housing counseling intermediary program and Schlender will take on RCAC’s new regional economic development initiative and other planning and capacity building initiatives. Both directors have substantial experience to lead these new activities. The transition begins Sept. 1.

The new structure also increases RCAC staff members’ ability to work across departments, allowing RCAC’s programs to be more integrated, which results in cost savings and greater efficiencies. We continually work to bring a wide range of RCAC resources to bear in communities; more staff working across departmental lines helps to accomplish this goal.

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