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Policy update: income banding—another perspective

In the last newsletter I discussed some of my concerns regarding USDA Rural Development’s use of income banding for low-income families even though it may also benefit very low-income households. My concern was that this may end up benefiting households who do not really need assistance and who, absent banding, would not be eligible borrowers. In spite of these concerns, as you will see below in the story that Benjamin Farnsworth from Neighborhood Nonprofit Housing Corporation shared with me, there are real benefits to income banding for small households. Read more >>

A Photographic Chronicle of America’s Working Poor

Smithsonian journeyed from Maine to California to update a landmark study of American life – Just north of Sacramento is a tiny settlement that residents call La Tijera, The Scissors, because two roads come together there at a sharp angle. On the dusty triangle of ground between the blades sit more than a dozen dwellings: trailers, flimsy clapboard cabins, micro duplexes. Read more >>

Dear Sher

So … I am wondering if you could review the above credit report and tell me what you think. According to the rules, this report should be okay but I feel nervous submitting it because there are open collections from the U.S. Department of Education. Read more >>

RCAC is hiring!

Rural development specialist – housing

“Planning, training, assessments, outreach and networking” – Do you have housing, project management and community development skills? Do you want a job that provides plenty of opportunities to learn and grow? Work with our team and help increase affordable housing in rural communities across the West. Read the job description and access the application here >>

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