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Women find opportunity, hope in self-help housing program

Nibley, Utah – Sometime during the 10 or so months it took Veronica Cabrera to build her family home here in northern Utah, she began to feel a persistent, dull ache all over her left side. She chalked it up to perhaps sleeping poorly, or else the strenuous labor, particularly during the winter months, when she was building her self-help home.

Her doctor, however, had graver news for her: Cabrera was suffering from a rare and chronic neurological disorder called Trigemina neuralgia. Read more>>

Policy update

The T&MA Contractors were asked to submit five month proposals to continue their work. These small contracts were then awarded without interruption, and Rural Development continues to work on the new solicitation. Essentially, this means we are still working on contract extensions and waiting on the new multi-year solicitation. Read More >>

Dear Sher,

I have several files that I’m trying to submit to USDA RD for determination so that we can turn in our 523 grant application. I have been trying to get several past VOEs; some I have faxed several times, mailed, contacted the employer and even hand delivered. They are not completing them for us and are delaying submission of the applications. Read Sher’s tips >>

Housing Assistance Council seeks executive director

The new executive director will be passionate about leading and advancing the organization’s mission, will provide sound fiscal management, and sustain positive relationships with the Board of Directors, staff, partners, and other stakeholders. S/he will also demonstrate strong integrity and personal and strategic leadership. Position description and application >>

News you can use!

USDA Rural Development issues Administrative Notices (AN) on self-help rehab and Custodial Bill Paying

*RD AN No. 4831 Section 523 Self-Help Rehabilitation Program Guidance Acquisition and Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Projects* provides program standards for Acquisition Rehabilitation (A/R) and Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation (Owner Rehab) projects funded under the Section 523 program. The instruction in this document provides consistency in the performance of A/R and Owner Rehab projects for Section 523 Self-Help Housing. Download here >>

*RD AN No. 4840 Supervised and Bank Accounts and Custodial Accounts Used in Conjunction with Self-Help Technical Assistance Grants* provides consistent guidance concerning the use of Supervised Bank Accounts (SBAs) in connection with Self-Help Technical Assistance Grant construction, and the use of Custodial Accounts to eligible Self-Help Technical Assistance Grantees. Download here >>

USDA Rural Development Applicant Orientation video option

Single Family Housing (SFH) direct program applicants now have the option of watching an Applicant Orientation Guide video [ and completing Form RD 3550-23, Applicant Orientation Guide which was revised on 1/27/2017. Meeting in person with Agency staff to review the guide remains an option available to all applicants.

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