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Self-Help News

By Stan Keasling, RCAC chief executive officer

The FY 16 budget picture is definitely not clear. There are significant issues relative to the overall funding for domestic discretionary programs. Read more >>

RCAC offers Section 502 loan packaging training course

Join us in beautiful Portland, Oregon, November 17-19 for this exciting training event! Download the flyer here >>

Self-help rehab program – critical components

By Harold Branch, Rural Development Specialist

During the National Self-Help Housing Conference in July in San Antonio, more than 100 participants attended the self-help rehab session. By all accounts, the interest in self-help rehab activities remains very high. Read more >>

Dear Sher,

My co-worker and I attended the 502 Loan Packaging: Common Mistakes session at the self-help housing conference in San Antonio and we are hoping you can clarify a couple questions for us.

The first question is regarding scores.

New method for printing SHARES reports

By Nancy Jacobsen, rural development specialist

A new technique is available to print SHARES reports in a condensed format. SHARES reports can now be printed on only two pages instead of six-plus pages. Setting your Excel macros will bring ease and uniformity to formatting reports generated in SHARES. A one-time modification in Excel will enable printing the new formatted reports. Read more >>

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