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Self-help housing provides home ownership opportunities for low-income Alaska residents

Wasilla, Alaska – Last year, Kolten Conan was scrolling through his Facebook page, and he happened upon photos of a house under construction. He already knew a thing or two about building homes: he’s now 21 and when he was just a little boy, he had scampered among laborers at construction sites around his hometown of Wasilla, fetching boards and helping out with seasonal work. Read more>>

Policy update

When RCAC received its new short-term contract with Rural Development, I reached out to tell all of you about the new requirement for a “Quality Control Assessment” (QCA). This is a new requirement in the contract and we wanted all of you to be aware of the new process before we started conducting the assessments in conjunction with quarterly meetings.

Dear Sher,

What is the new Statement of Compliance Requirement in Tab 23 of the 523 Grant Application Checklist? Sincerely, Compliance Woes

Dear Compliance Woes,

Your question is best addressed by an expert so I asked Judy Monteux, RCAC’s very own financial management specialist, to respond. Here’s what she had to say … Read Sher’s tip >>

502 Direct Packaging Program

RCAC is an intermediary and quality assurance reviewer of packaged loan applications for USDA RD’s Section 502 Single Family Housing Direct Loan Program. RCAC, Housing Council of America and NeighborWorks America provide training to qualified employers and certified packagers to ensure they are qualified to process loan applications. For more information and training dates >>

RCAC career opportunities available

We are looking to either fill the lending and housing director position or housing director and loan fund director positions.

RCAC works in rural and Native communities across 13 western states. We deliver a broad range of community development services, including support to rural water and wastewater utilities, rural housing development and program assistance, and support in leadership and economic development. In addition, the RCAC loan fund finances community and economic development efforts.

Michael Carroll has been the Director of Lending and Housing for the past four years, and was the Director of Lending for five years before that. He has accepted another position, and we are looking to either fill his current position or to hire two directors to replace him.

For more information >>

News you can use!

USDA Rural Development introduces a webinar on “the Section 502 Direct Loan Basics”

This presentation gives viewers a basic overview of the Section 502 direct loan program and resources where you can learn more about the program. View the Webinar here >>

And the accompanying PowerPoint handout is here >>

RCAC’s Self-Help Builder News is funded by USDA Rural Development

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