home owners raising first wallSelf-help housing provides plenty of opportunities to share success stories and gain interest in the Mutual Self-Help Housing program. Your success stories help spread the word to families who may want to participate in the program. RCAC can help! If you have a family or self-help project that you would like to highlight, contact our communications manager Dawn Van Dyke at dvandyke@rcac.org. The communications team can help with formatting, editing and sharing your story. If you don’t have time to write it, our staff writer Elizabeth Zach can follow up with you to put the story together. And remember, photos bring stories to life!

We can share your success story on RCAC’s website and on the Self-Help Housing Spotlight website, and other grantees can promote your story on social media.

The Spotlight website was created to help grantees across the country share stories and information for all interested families to see. The website continues to do just that, as it gets more than 1,400 visits per month and is often used for media relation’s inquiries. The more stories featured, the more it can help families understand the program. You can complete the Story and Photo Release Form on the Spotlight website and submit your success stories directly to knaylor@ncall.org who will work with you to complete the story or contact Dawn as mentioned above.