By Nancy Jacobsen, RCAC rural development specialist

For any new SHARES users looking for access to SHARES: First, the new users must apply for eAuthentication access, then they’ll receive an email to have their ID checked by Rural Development or another designated federal staff person. Next, they have to send me an email and answer the following questions:

SHARES Access Questions

a. User Name – Full user name in format indicated

b. User Phone Number – Business phone including area code

c. User Email – Business email

d. Request Type – New user

e. eAuth Logon ID – This is their logon ID, not the 22-24 digit eAuth ID (This is their actual logon that they use, i.e. john.smith)

Nancy Jacobsen then completes a SHARES access form and submits it to the RD ISSPOC officer in the state in which you work. That person in turn sends the request to CSC – Security team.

It is a rather complex system but since 9/11 they had to boost security because SHARES is linked to the federal government’s computer systems!

If you need SHARES help, you may contact your technical assistance provider or Nancy Jacobsen at (406) 579-5202; or e-mail