Where: Puna, Hawaii
Problem: Hawaiian Shores Community Association needed financial assistance to repair and upgrade its water system’s aging infrastructure
Solution: RCAC provided a pre-development loan for the preliminary engineering report, and helped HSCA apply for additional funding to replace and upgrade the system

The Hawaiian Shores Community Association (HSCA) residents receive water from the utility HSCA owns and operates. Most of the water infrastructure there was constructed in the early 1970s and was built with materials that would not meet today’s standards. RCAC helped HSCA apply for a predevelopment grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which helped them pay for a preliminary engineering report (PER) and environmental report. HSCA then utilized that PER in its application to the USDA Rural Utility Service program for a $1,037,000 loan and $864,880 grant.  These funds will be used to complete major system upgrades.
The association is proceeding cautiously and conservatively as the lava from a nearby volcano threatens local communities and the impact to HSCA is unknown. RCAC will continue to work with HSCA to meet a letter of conditions so that failing infrastructure can be improved.