Where:  Pine Meadows PUD, Vernal, Utah

Problem: Small water systems lack resources to comply with regulations

Solution: RCAC staff provides training and technical assistance

For the past two years, Rural Development Specialist Matt Kennedy worked with the Pine Meadows PUD in Vernal, Utah to bring the utility back into compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act. The Utah Department of Drinking Water (DDW) identified the utility as a public water system. The owner contested and challenged DDW in court, but the court agreed with DDW that it was in fact a water system.

RCAC worked with the system owner to develop site sample plans (rTCR, lead and copper, etc.), establish a cross connection control program, and to develop required Consumer Confidence Reports.

The system had not secured an operator at this point, and DDW rated it “not approved.”

Kennedy helped the system owner pass his water treatment operator certification exams and address the areas where the system was out of compliance with public notice requirements, which led to a citation in 2018. The system is now back in good standing and providing safe water to 68 low-income households.