Where: Pahrump, Nevada
Problem: Wildfire, heavy rains and a flash flood destroyed rural community residents’ water system
Solution: RCAC helped community residents develop a budget and collect revenues to provide emergency water and access financing for much needed repairs

Trout Canyon is a small community in the hills above Pahrump Nevada. Approximately 30 households have received free water for many years from a privately owned water system. The water was gravity fed above ground through sections of World War II artillery shell casings welded together. Wildfire,heavy rains and a flash flood washed the pipe away and left the residents with no water service and no rapid solution for restoring service. Some residents were forced to move and others bought 1,500 gallon tanks to fill and pump to their homes.

RCAC helped the residents’s newly formed nonprofit organization, Trout Canyon Land and Water Users Association, develop a budget, set appropriate rates and collect user fees to provide emergency water. RCAC also proposed improvements to the system that would provide an adequate, safe, sanitary and reliable structure that is efficient and economical for TCLWUA to maintain.

The association selected an engineering firm that is working on the most efficient solutions to restore water services for the long-term.