The self-help housing spotlight website was created in 2011 as a regional website meant to showcase economic impact. During the 50years/50khomes campaign in 2015 the website was redesigned and became a national website with two purposes: to connect organizations across the country and to expand the online presence of the Mutual Self-Help Housing Program. The organizations are provided their own page where they can explain the program in their own words, share up to three pictures, share contact and social media information, and receive emails from potential applicants. Each organization page has a short URL, typically, making it easy to share on promotional materials like emails, business cards, publications, social media and newsletters. This format also helps search engines rank the page for the organization’s name and appear in search results. When visitors land on the spotlight website they will be able to navigate through a wealth of information and stories to help explain the program.

A new committee was formed in recent months to continue developing the website and adding new content. The spotlight has already seen 8,000 visitors during the past year and continued development means that we will continue to grow our audience. The committee is currently requesting success stories from organizations, which will be categorized under a future menu item. If you have a great story you want published on the website, please email Kristina Naylor at To make changes to your page or to request one please download and complete this form and email to Kristina Naylor.  Continue checking the website in the next few months to see new updates including family success stories, information about the program, and new menu items.